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Bye For Now, 2019

documentary short, 35 minutes
By: Shaun Irons
Bye For Now, is an elegiac new film that offers a meditation on loss, mortality, and location, using water as a metaphor for the variable flow of time and memory. Filmed in Venice, Italy this deeply personal work is an attempt to directly communicate with the dead and to share the experience of a beloved and evocative place with a loved one who is now go.

My roles in this project include Editor and Producer.

Cassis Sketches, 2018

three shorts, 9:50 minutes
Cassis Sketches is a series of short films begun while in residence with the BAU Institute at the Camargo Foundation in the south of France, chronicling an obsession with the sea and a daily ritual swim.

Deep Trance Behavior in Potatoland, 2008

Performance Film (Commission), 2008 NYC, 60 minutes
A commission from theater legend Richard Foreman to create a film document of his mind-bending performance Deep Trance Behavior in Potatoland: A Richard Foreman Theater Machine, performed at the Ongological Theater, St. Mark's Church in 2008.

Standing By: Gatz Backstage, 2016

feature length documentary, 76 minutes
Standing By: Gatz Backstage is an atmospheric portrait of backstage life created by Shaun Irons during Elevator Repair Service’s acclaimed, theatrical work Gatz, during which every word of The Great Gatsby is voiced and enacted onstage. Offering a look behind the scenes, Standing By reveals the daily routines and rhythms, the backstage choreography, and the heightened world of shadows and whispers existing in a vibrant realm just beyond the audience’s view.

My roles in this project include Second Camera, Camera Tech, Editor and Producer.