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It is seventeen minutes past midnight, Oceanic Time. You’re sitting in a theater of sorts — a show is about to begin — there is an occasional flicker of light — a sonic shudder — an atmosphere of electronic energy — you look down at the program in your hand, black letters spell the words Why Why Always

In this sci-fi misadventure of secret agents and seductresses, where Alphaville meets ASMR — mesmeric whispers fill the air, lighters flash, linens are folded, and a super computer is foiled.Why Why Always conjures a live cine-performance through the interplay of otherworldly video, music, sound and technology.

Performers (live): Jim Fletcher, Elizabeth Carena, Laura Bartczak, Marion Spencer

Performers (video): Scott Shepherd, Madeline Best 

Narration: Christina Campanella

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All photos © Paula Court