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Why Why Always, 2017
Live cine-performance, Abrons Arts Center
Why Why Always is an interdisciplinary performance, which embraces a dynamic interplay between theater, dance, installation art, and technology by integrating live performers, multi-screen video, live-feed cameras, fabricated environments and a vibrant tapestry of sound.
TOOLS: Isadora, Adobe Premiere, openFrameworks, Physical Computing, Projection Mapping

Atmospheres & Accidental Ghosts, 2012-2016
Two-channel, self-generating video installation, New York Electronic Arts Festival
Atmospheres & Accidental Ghosts is an episodic, multi-channel video and sound installation, which randomly reconfigures and activates a perpetually shifting selection of media drawn from the artists' work and obsessions.
TOOLS: Isadora, Final Cut Pro, Projection Mapping

Keep Your Electric Eye On Me, 2014
Multimedia live performance, HERE Arts Center
Part live performance, video installation, and interactive media lab, “Keep Your Electric Eye On Me” is an interwoven exploration of transformation, dual realities, hysteria, and the desire for the unattainable.
TOOLS: Isadora, Final Cut Pro, Projection Mapping

the horror the horror (i have plenty of energy to drive over there), 2011
Multimedia live performance, Abrons Arts Center
the horror the horror is a live video, sound, and performance spectacle, which engages notions of loss, memory, eroticism and rage.
TOOLS: Isadora, Final Cut Pro, Projection Mapping


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